In the tradition of Old World frame builders, Veloforma is a small, family owned business. The difference is that the company also boasts over 60 collective years of frame manufacturing experience, and behind the scenes is a network of powerful partnerships with industry leaders in Italy and Taiwan. Veloforma is the antithesis of a faceless, giant corporation—as a customer, you can rely on a level of personal treatment only available from a small operation, combined with cutting edge technology that will have you falling in love with your bike.  

After 18 months of R & D, Veloforma's revolutionary product line of high end, high modulus carbon frames came to fruition in 2006. The bikes achieved a balance of light weight, superb ride quality and carefully tuned stiffness. The frames also offered unparalleled durability—a light, fast bike is great, but a broken ride is of little use (and pretty slow!). The end result was an overall level of performance unmatched in the cycling industry, and the bikes have only gotten better since. Industry hype would lead you to believe that the quality and performance of carbon fiber is dependent on it being High Modulus. But does a product with that label inherently mean it's better? All of our bikes are High Modulus, but what sets them apart is our mastery of their construction. We have spent countless hours with our engineers fine tuning our proven process of Time, Temperature and Pressure (TTP) to yield a superior product. The supremacy of Veloforma’s proprietary process is evident in the ride and performance of the company's bikes.

In 2009, Veloforma added its component manufacturing branch, producing high-end, American-made carbon components in its facility in Oregon. The company also partnered with another top-notch American firm to design a full array of custom tube sets for use in Veloforma's new line-up of all-carbon, custom Tube2Tube bikes handmade in Oregon. Whether the customer is looking for a top-performing production bike or a made-to-order, one of a kind ride, Veloforma's mission is to build the bike that will constantly beckon you to ride.

Our ability to select the proper carbon for each specific application is crucial. Veloforma and its partnering companies work together to determine the ideal orientation of the carbon layup. It’s  this level of understanding, our proprietary technologies, and the knowledge and experience our partner companies contribute that set us apart from current industry trends.“We may be small and family owned, but it’s the collaboration between engineering, design and development—each of which is second to none—that helps us build a better bicycle,” states Veloforma CEO Mark Duff.