Fast Racing, Sweet Shots of Veloforma Track Bikes at Alpenrose

Al Urbanski burning up the Alpenrose track. Photo by PEDALConsumption.comOur fellow PDXers over at PEDAL Consumption posted some great photos of the Sizzle Pie p/b Veloforma team's sweet new track bikes in action at Alpenrose the other day. Zak Kovalcik, the team captain, took overall victory in the Eric Kautzky Memorial track race this past weekend, and he followed that up by winning the individual pursuit on his freshly built Veloforma track bike on Thursday. Not a bad first meeting between rider and bike!

As PEDAL Consumption said, "I got a chance to see their Veloforma carbon track framesets in action and they were sweet as fuck!" Glad you like 'em, guys.

See more on the PEDAL Consumption website, and go check out the Sizzle Pie p/b Veloforma team, too.


SPEEDWEEK! Paceline Projects p/b Veloforma Get Speedy Against Nation's Best

Whitney Schutz, ready to unleash on the CSU Crit. ┬ęKathy AllisonKat Carr and Whitney Schultz of the Paceline p/b Veloforma team have just emerged from their big early-season race block with plenty of glory, but unfortunately not unscathed. After stomping on regional races in Utah and Colorado, the duo was off to take on the nation's fastest crit junkies at Speedweek in the Southeast.


Kat and Whit had just recently received their new Veloforma Strada SLR road bikes, and Kat was quick to put her freshly minted rig to the test before embarking on their race trip. She lined up for the Tour of the Depot and rocketed off the front on the fourth and final stage to notch the win.

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Final Missive: Italy in Mental and Photographic Snapshots

Pantani's disciple takes the final corner up to OropaI just wrapped up a long, amazing trip through Italy, a country with the richest of cycling traditions, and the birthplace of Veloforma [Read a bit about Veloforma's history here, more to come]. It was a chance for me to take advantage of a rare block of extended down time, to mentally recharge, and to connect – in an intense, concentrated fashion – with my brand new Veloforma Strada SLR bike.


I cranked out hundreds of photos (check our tumblr page for some of the best), and a whole lot of words right here in the Veloforma journal. But rather than some grandiose, encapsulating finale, I'm left with a bunch of snapshots etched, or perhaps flickering, in my brain's eye. So here are some jumbled reflections, straight from my overloaded (and perhaps overtrained) psyche.

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Giro d'Italia: Fantasizing and Fantasy League-ing

The Giro d'Italia kicks of TOMORROW! Not like we need further encouragement to keep engaged, but we'll offer it anyhow. Velogames offers a fun, free "fantasy" cycling league for the world's biggest races, and for those who actually have other things to do with their lives, it's perfect. Pick your nine riders and you're done, no maintenance required. Then join the Veloforma mini-league we created and you can compare and contrast (and talk some smack) with all of us.

Stay tuned to throughout the Giro for reflections on the race as well as a few fun rides in the Portland, Oregon, area for those around these parts. And if you plan to watch the race, both and offer a bunch of live streaming solutions (many of questionable legality), and Universal Sports is broadcasting on most cable/satellite networks as well as online (and on demand!!) for a cost. We'll be going the latter route mostly so we can watch when we want, but it's nice to support a network that broadcasts cycling in the states. Oh, and we're big Todd "Gogo" Gogulski fans too...

Here are the details for Velogames and the Veloforma Giro d'Italia mini-league:

Come and join our bitchin' Giro d'Italia fantasy league. Free (and fun) to play, and it adds another dimension and several "races within the race" for your own personal glory and bragging rights.

Create an account at, choose your Giro team, then join the Veloforma mini-league so that we can compete with (and beat up on, smack talk with) one another. The code for the Veloforma mini-league is: 03195347

Feel free to share the code with friends/nemeses/etc. Let the games begin! You gotta sign up by 15:30 CEST (local European time) on Saturday 5th May -- so get busy. And once you pick your team, there's no maintenance required -- just kick back with an espresso, grappa, or (my personal favorite!) both, and yell at your screens.



Ramping Up for 2012 Giro d'Italia

OK, so maybe this promo is a little over the top (and has too much of Contador's pistol shooting). But what can we say, we're ready for some Giro action and this gets us revved up.

For a stage-by-stage preview (in Italian, but you'll get the point), check this.

This year's race is May 5th through 27th, kicking off with two stages in Denmark! Stay tuned to the Veloforma Journal pages. We'll be posting content throughout the Giro and will be hosting some rides and get togethers to celebrate one of the world's biggest (and we think coolest) bike races.