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’Cross Is Coming. Heck, It's Already Here!

A mid-training ride break in Forest Park on a freshly-built Team CCXIt's Labor Day weekend – the unofficial end of summer... and beginning of cyclocross season! Many folks are lining up for their season's first races today, while others will trickle in over the next month or so. Our Veloforma Team CCX carbon cyclocross bikes have found new homes all over the country in the past month, and we still have orders coming in.

Looking to dramatically upgrade your ride this season? Drop us a line. We can't guarantee you better results, but we can certainly help you to minimize your excuses come race day. Look for us – and our bikes – frolicking around in the woods and lining up at race courses near you!

Local Masters racer, Aaron Even, debuting his new Team CCX in Forest Park.



Photo Credit Mark Blackwelder

It seems like it was just yesterday that cross clinics were starting… now there is only one race left in the Cross Crusade Series with five more weekends before the season is over… WOW! Time flies when you’re having fun. And, if you’re Aaron Tuckerman, you’ve been having a lot of fun. Aaron Rides for Corsa Concepts/Veloforma and he’s been having a break out cross season. So far Aaron has won 5 Cross Crusades and he’s been in the top 3 in every race except for one. He also wrapped up the overall for the Cross Crusade series with the win at Barton Park! For me, being his bike sponsor is pretty RAD. Who could ask for more… I couldn’t! I understand he’s been racing sick since October 9th, but has managed to muster up the energy to race every weekend. Last week hit him hard. He just rested and didn’t get out on the bike much, and come race day he let it RIP! That says a lot about Aaron and his competitive spirit. The guy is tough as nails. The season’s not over yet, but I have to say Thank You, Aaron! Well played, mate!

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This weekend is Cross Crusade #2 at Rainer High School! To get the juices flowing here are some great shots of Aaron Tuckerman - Corsa Concepts/Veloforma.

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Cross season is now in full effect for Oregon. This past weekend was Cross Crusade #1 at Alpenrose Dairy. I didn’t race but was in attendance to watch our rider Aaron Tuckerman who hails from Blenheim, New Zealand, but resides here in Stumptown. Aaron Rides for the Corsa Concepts/Veloforma cross team. We are excited to have him on board, and I like Aaron’s style and he didn’t disappoint yesterday at all, it’s great to see Tuckerman or Tuckie as I call him back at it!

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