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Paceline Projects Team Reports on "Black Veloforma Ninjas"

Kat Carr and Whitney Schultz, who constitute the Elite women's duo with a penchant for super-high-paced criterium speed and are the backbone of the Paceline Projects team, recently reported on their carbon Veloforma Strada road bikes. Here's an excerpt: 

Kat and I are both on the latest Strada SLR. This sweet, slick machine is light, fast, and STIFF. It handles confidently on Colorado and Utah mountainous descents and just as well on sharp crit corners at Tulsa Tough. I've gotten to ride Veloforma bikes for the past three seasons. I had a break last year, riding another larger company's bike frame (which never really did it for me), I was super pumped to get back on a Veloforma last year and am so, so happy to be riding one again this year.

Check out the whole write-up here, and follow along as they rock podiums at some of the US' biggest races.


Hed-ing in Good Directions

Veloforma Strada SLR with Hed Stinger 6 tubulars.Veloforma is excited to announce that we are now a Hed Cycling dealer. Add some bling hoops to pimp your ride, like this Strada SLR spotted yesterday set up with Stinger 6's at Oregon's State Road Championship. That's a badass-looking (and fast!) combo.

Contact us for more info on outfitting your rig with Hed wheels and accessories at great prices, and remember: They're not just for road racing. ’Cross is coming, and Hed has some great cyclocross-specific options too.


Ironclad Team Profiled in BikePortland

The Ironclad Performace Wear Cycling team does a great job of mixing the bike-racing business with lots of pleasure, and they're a key ingredient that gives the Portland racing community its distinct flavor. Veloforma is proud to continue to support the Ironclad program – we've been there from the squads humble beginnings, and we plan to stick with them for years to come. BikePortland just profiled the team in the sites first in a series of features on Portland teams; go check it out!

Team Profile: Ironclad's Lighthearted, Winning Ways

And for more insight, if you haven't seen Ironclad's Summer Behind Bars video, you really should:


Final Missive: Italy in Mental and Photographic Snapshots

Pantani's disciple takes the final corner up to OropaI just wrapped up a long, amazing trip through Italy, a country with the richest of cycling traditions, and the birthplace of Veloforma [Read a bit about Veloforma's history here, more to come]. It was a chance for me to take advantage of a rare block of extended down time, to mentally recharge, and to connect – in an intense, concentrated fashion – with my brand new Veloforma Strada SLR bike.


I cranked out hundreds of photos (check our tumblr page for some of the best), and a whole lot of words right here in the Veloforma journal. But rather than some grandiose, encapsulating finale, I'm left with a bunch of snapshots etched, or perhaps flickering, in my brain's eye. So here are some jumbled reflections, straight from my overloaded (and perhaps overtrained) psyche.

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Missives from the Motherland: Cannoli on Top Tubes

Full formed and ricotta-cream-filled.It's a rare photo essay that can truly inspire and transcend, can reach across genres to touch otherwise divergent souls. Our collage of Italian pastries and shapely bicycles will do just that.

They're not all cannoli, and they're not all on top tubes. Or even bikes. This compilation is definitely more savory, and arguably more dolce than its teabagging ancestor. It’s bikes, cannoli and more from the Italian motherland.

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