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Sizzle Pie p/b Veloforma's Kovalcik and Urbanski Bring Home National Gold and Bronze

Zak Kovalcik's National Championship gold and jersey. ©Zak KovalcikZak Kovalcik of the Sizzle Pie p/b Veloforma team won the Elite Omnium Track National Championships in South Carolina this past weekend. On Friday he won the flying lap and elimination races, then Kovalcik used a winning kilometer time trial effort to secure the overall victory. Teammate Al Urbanski  joined Kovalcik on the podium, snagging third, with Stefan Rothe (Tulsa Tough) in second.

Great job by Zak and Al, and more terrific results for the all-business carbon Veloforma Pista Pro track bike!

Kovalcik broke down the racing action for us:

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Zak Kovalcik Hits Europe for Stayer Track and Derny Crit Racing

Zak Kovalcik tucks his Veloforma Strada onto his derny driver's wheel in the derny crit. ©JavelinZak Kovalcik of the Sizzle Pie p/b Veloforma team became the first American to compete in stayer racing in 37 years when he ventured to Germany last week. “In short, stayer racing is a motor-paced track race,” says Kovalcik. “The pacemakers are on big motorcycles and are basically standing to make a bigger draft, and the bikes are more upright with a 24″ front wheel and backwards fork.” He competed in both a stayer track race on a specifically-styled stayer rig and a derny motor-paced criterium on board his Veloforma Strada SLR carbon road bike.


For more on stayer racing, check this story on Pez Cycling News, and see the video below:

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Sizzle Pie p/b Veloforma Starts Off Hot

Sizzle Pie p/b Veloforma celebrates a W at Twin Peaks' Double R Diner What happens when you take a bunch of people with bike messenger backgrounds, get ’em racing on the track and road, and they start their own team? Well, in short, you get some punk-ass vegans on a Twin-Peaks-themed team tearing shit up, and Veloforma's psyched to be along for the ride. We grabbed team captain Zak Kovalcik for a quick Q&A as they dig into their inaugural season.

OK, to start, give me some background on the illustrious Sizzle Pie p/b Veloforma squad.
Zak: I decided to start my own team after realizing that I and some of the people I race with are quite a bit different than most of the bike racing community. I come from a punk rock bike messenger background. I was never an athlete before bike racing, which I started dabbling in around 2006 at 23 years old. There was also the fact that I concentrate mostly on track racing but race competitively on the road as well. There aren't many teams that focus on track racing. One of the other big things is that most of my teammates and I are vegan. I'm not sure why there isn't a larger vegan bike racer population – Vegans are definitely superior beings. Having a crew that cooks and eats together pretty often and can agree upon where to eat on the road makes things easier.

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