2013 STRADA iR

Frame Set: $3250 USD

The 2013 Veloforma STRADA iR is a light, stiff and perfectly balanced machine. When standing still, it's stunning to behold, but it's more than just an ultra-sexy perch. In motion is where the STRADA iR comes alive: It's born for speed and efficiency, and this bike will egg you on to push deeper, intimidating all would-be competitors along the way. 

The list of features this frame shows its deep race pedigree. We start with carbon dropouts integrated into the rear stays, which are stronger than their alloy cousins, and they yield a better strength-to-weight ratio. The 1.125” to 1.5” tapered head tube and matching fork further increase the stiffness and strength, allowing the bike to track better, to confidently rocket down descents and to tear through corners with aplomb. The BB30 bottom bracket linked to oversized chain stays further enhances the connection of rider to machine, with effortless and seemingly instant power transfer to the pedals and acceleration up the road. We finished off the 2013 Strada iR with internal routing that accepts either cables or electric shifting.

Our unique, proprietary construction process pairs monocoque seat, top, down and head tubes with our Tube2Tube rear triangle. This combination allows for a lighter weight frameset that yields sublime ride qualities, with more power transfer for everything from climbs to sprints. The distinctively shaped oversized tubing brings that ride to the road with a flourish of style.

We use Toray UD high modulus T1000G and intermediate modulus T800/T700 carbon fiber to construct our tubes. Those materials are assembled with the painstakingly refined Veloforma TTP carbon process that relies on the precise implementation of time, temperature and pressure to yield a design-specific race bike.

A 56cm STRADA iR frame weighs less than 830 grams (+/- 40 grams) and, despite its robust, overbuilt nature; the fork adds a scant 395 grams. Built with a top-level gruppo and a pair of racing wheels, you can easily dip south of 14 pounds should you want to, significantly under the UCI weight limit. The bike is more than a weight weenie's dream, however: What sets the STRADA iR apart is its ability to propel climbing angels, descending demons, rouleurs and crit junkies alike to their best performances with panache.